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What’s Trending in Garden Decor?

Every trade show season at The Pottery Patch booth, we learn from our visitors what pottery products are in demand and what people are getting the most excited about. With the Trade Show season now over, we wanted to share a few items that so many who visited our booth are talking about. Below are what we found to be the trending garden decor and pottery this year. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at the trade shows and gave us feedback.

Coastal Pottery: In coastal regions and beyond, nautical-themed garden decor has risen tremendously in popularity over the past couple of years. Customers were especially drawn to the pottery that is made out of real coral or shell pieces with natural earth tones that accentuate the green of the plants. Shaped planters such as fish, seahorses, shells, starfish, and turtles were also a hit.

Garden Lanterns: Lanterns of all shapes, sizes, and materials are growing year after year in popularity. The glow they give at night is beautiful, but now with all the design and color options, garden lanterns are just as beautiful during the daytime.

Head and Hand-Shaped Planters: Consumers are having a lot of fun with the head-shaped planters, styling their “hair” with different plants. Hand-shaped planters, that when planted look like they’re holding the plants with cupped hands, are also on the rise.

Contemporary, Modern & Neutral: Pottery with contemporary shapes, especially in neutral colors, is increasing in demand. This year lightweight fiber pottery was a popular topic among those looking for a commercial or modern setting. Ceramic contemporary style planters are also doing well with customers looking for simplicity in their design.

What trends do you think will come about in the future? Comment below.

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