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Trend: Large Lightweight Planters

Large Lightweight Planters

It’s easy to see why designers and plant enthusiasts love large lightweight planters. Extra-large planters give you a wow factor with minimal effort and allow for larger trees or plants with deep roots. A drawback to large pots, however, is their weight. Planters made from stone and clay quickly get extremely heavy when you go up in size. Luckily, there have been recent advances in the development of materials making it easier to create large lightweight planters that are durable and look the same as heavier stone and clay planters. 

Benefits of Lightweight Planters

Lightweight pots have several benefits making them more popular today. 


Once you add soil and water, planters get even heavier making it impossible to move large ceramic or store pots without tools or machinery. Choosing a more versatile lightweight planter, you will be able to use it both indoors and outdoors since they are easy enough to carry indoors for the winter. This also makes lighter pots more suitable for balconies rooftops and terraces. 


Lightweight certainly does not mean flimsy, fragile, or cheap when it comes to planters. Heavy planters made from clay and stone are denser and therefore more susceptible to breaking especially when being moved or shipped. Lightweight planters made with resins and fiberglass are very durable and are able to hold up better in harsh weather because they are less porous.  


Materials like resin and fiberglass which are used to create lightweight planters are very affordable. They also add to the durability of the planter making lightweight planters a cost-effective way to get high-quality pots at a lesser cost. 

Types of Lightweight Planters


Resins are the newest technology allowing factories to produce lighter-weight pots. Resin is a thick liquid substance that can be mixed with natural materials like clay and crushed stone. This gives the planters a more natural look without the weight and with added durability. 

FeatherStone is an example of our most luxurious high-quality resin planter line. 


Fiberglass is another means to create a lightweight planter by binding natural materials with ultra-light fiberglass. Planters made from mostly fiberglass generally have a more modern look. However, fiberglass can also be combined with natural materials like in our Fiber Stone,  Fiber Clay, and Glass Reinforced Concrete collections for a realistic stone or clay look.

Tip: If you’re wondering how you are going to get enough soil to fill an extra-large planter, make sure you read our post about fillers for large planters

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