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The Best Planters for Your New Houseplant Hobby

Houseplant Pots for “Jungalow” Trend on the Rise in 2021

Though it’s done way more harm than good, the pandemic has supported some megatrends this year, among them, houseplants. This trend is so big, The New York Times decided to weigh in on it and offer advice on how to brighten your home with houseplants. The article covers details such as where to start when adding plants to your home and how to choose the right plants based on lighting. We thought we’d expand on this article by filling you in on the best planters for your new houseplant hobby. 

Statement Houseplant Pots

It may be tempting because you see them all over Instagram, but don’t start with a Fiddle Leaf Fig (they require about as much attention as that new pet you adopted). Do start with a large statement plant that is easy to take care of. This will give you immediate gratification and will be a focal point to build upon with smaller plants. 

sleek modern planter

For a statement houseplant, you can go with a sleek modern planter to match. Or you could make the plant even more of a focal point in your home by going with a bold color-glazed planter or unique design planter

bold color glazed planter

Clustered Houseplant Pots

In the article, the NYT recommends creating small clusters in odd numbers for maximum impact with small plants. The plants don’t need to match, and neither do their pots. Go with a small rustic terra cotta pot, a bright pineapple planter, or create texture with a grass-wrapped pot.

antique terra cotta small potpineapple small potsgrass-wrapped planter

Alternatively, if the plants themselves add enough variety for you, try a matching planter set in different colors. 

small diamond pattern match pots

Houseplant Pots for Different Heights

Another way to advance your houseplant game is to play with different heights. This requires finding a houseplant pot to balance the height of the plant. If you’re going with a tall tree, choosing a tall planter might be your first instinct, but we suggest going with a medium height wide belly planter to avoid too much height. Sometimes it can be expensive to buy a taller plant for your home, so if you want to add some height without the expense, opt for a tall planter with a shorter, full foliaged plant.

For medium height, combine a small plant with a pot with legs or on a stand. 

houseplant pot with legs

Fiddle Leaf Fig Pots

If you’re going to dive deep into the houseplant trend and go with a fiddle-leaf fig tree, you need a fabulous planter to match. Our premium FeatherStone line consists of trendy modern large lightweight planters designed to complement the finest of plants. 

fiddle leaf fig planter

For more information on choosing the right plants, read the NYT article here or ask your local garden center. Looking for a certain type of planter? Ask us in the comment or reach out to our sales team at You can find The Pottery Patch planters and products at a garden center near you using our Store Locator

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