fountain displayFountain Setup: Place your fountain on a level surface to create an even water flow. You can test your pump before installation by placing in in a bucket of water. Only plug your pump into a grounded 110 volt (AC only) GFCI protected receptacle.

Water Level: Ensure your fountain has enough water in it at all times and the pump is fully submerged. If the pump becomes exposed it can be damaged. Frequency of refilling your fountain will depend on the flow of water and weather conditions in your region. It is also important to replace the water in your fountain on a regular basis. Do not run your pump unsupervised for long periods of time

Preventative Fountain Care: Keep the water in your fountain clean and free of debris that could get stuck in the pump. Depending on the placement of the fountain you may have to check it often, especially if the fountain is under trees. Flush out tubes and pump components with a garden hose.

Cleaning Your Fountain: To extend the life of your fountain it is important to clean the basin and pump often. A mild soap and cloth or brush can be used if needed. There are products you can buy to prevent the buildup of algae and mineral deposits. Never use bleach to clean your fountain.

Winter Fountain Care: Never allow the water in your fountain to freeze. In colder months you should unplug and empty your fountain, placing it in a dry garage, shed or covered area to protect it from rain and snow. If the fountain must be left outside, remove the pump and any small components, empty the water and allow it to dry, then cover it with a tarp or fountain cover. Check the fountain periodically to make sure the basin is not filling up with water from rain or melting snow. Depending on the material, fountains are often slightly porous which can allow water to seep into the material. If that water freezes and expands, the fountain is susceptible to cracks.

Clogs & Leaks: Check for kinked tubes or anything blocking water flow. If you suspect a leak, turn the pump off, fill the fountain completely and check later to see if there is moisture on the outside and if the water level has reduced. The problem could be the installation of the pump components. Reinstall and test again. You can repair leaks with a silicone putty or PVC tape.

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  1. Sue Reed

    We cannot move our fountain it has mineral deposits and algea build up. What cleaner is best or are there service companies to do this

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