The Pottery Patch Facilitates Direct Container Pottery Sales

Considering Direct Container Sales?

Contact The Pottery Patch regarding container sales. We can customize large orders and ship containers from the factory, directly to your business. Our imports come from several different countries & numerous factories. Each of our factories is handpicked to guarantee excellence. We have unique designs and glazes that you will not find anywhere else. The Pottery Patch takes pride in providing quality goods, and each factory is visited personally by our design team.

FAQs About Direct Container Pottery Sales

How do I make an order?

To place an order, contact our sales team, by phone or email, to request an order sheet. We will send you an excel file, depending on which factory you want to order from. The order form will usually include pictures, pricing, and quantities per pallet and per container, which are necessary for calculating invoice and shipping costs. Once your order is submitted, we will work closely with you to improve the cost-effectiveness of your order. This usually involves some back-and-forth discussing the order and making additions or changes to products and quantities to maximize the use of space in your container. 

Where are orders shipped from and how long does it take?

Shipping location varies depending on which factory you order from. For factories in China, the shipping ports could be Shanghai, Xiamen, or Yantian. From Vietnam, orders are shipped from Ho Chi Minh City or DaNang. 

In general, shipping takes about 6-8 weeks from the factory to your warehouse, depending on where the order is going and coming from, and any delays on shipping or in the port.

Note: Due to Covid restrictions, production times at our factories are delayed. The average production time is currently 5-8 months.

When do I need to make payments on my order?

Upon placing a direct container order, 30% of the product invoice is due. The remaining balance is paid when the container ships, usually a couple of weeks before it is due to arrive in the port. These payments must be made on time and in full, so the cargo can be released from the port. Delaying payment can cause overage charges and extra port fees. 

What are the taxes and fees involved with direct container orders?

Tariff taxes vary, usually around 6-8% depending on the product and where it is shipping from. China specifically, in 2021, most products have a 7.5% tariff. 

Other fees that could be incurred are custom hold fees and pre-pulled fees if the port or truck needs to store the products. These fees are separate from ocean freight or shipping costs. 

How is the pottery packaged to reduce damages?

Pottery orders are packed on pallets with straps or crates to secure them. Factories also often use cardboard strips to protect around and inside the pots. Smaller decor pots or novelty items are often packed in cardboard boxes and then placed on pallets.  

In case of breakage, The Pottery Patch has a 3% breakage allowance, this means anything above 3% damages, The Pottery Patch will cover. For instance, if there is 5% in damages, we will cover 2%.

How is the container unloaded once it reaches my business?

Most shipping brokers allow a maximum of 2 hours for unloading time. If the unloading takes longer, additional time charges may be applied. If you have a loading dock, you will need a pallet jack. If you do not have a loading dock, you will need a forklift. The shipping trucks do not have a lift gate. 

What customization is allowed on direct container sales?

More flexibility in the design process is allowed for direct container sales. Depending on the factory,  you can choose custom colors and combinations. Design changes such as shapes or patterns can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

What is the minimum order for direct container sales?

Order minimums for direct containers are dependent on the size of your container, for example, a 20-foot container holds about 10 pallets, and a 40-foot container about 20-22 pallets. The number of pallets a container holds can change depending on the size of the products on the pallets. For production, factories generally require 1 pallet per product and color; sometimes 2 colors are allowed. The number of products that fill a pallet depends on the size of the product. This can vary anywhere from 3 sets to 15+ sets or products. We will work diligently with you and the factory during the ordering and production process in order to use pallet and container space in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Questions about Direct Container Pottery Sales?

Have another question about direct container pottery sales? Contact us using our contact form, or email us at, or call our sales representatives at 561-697-9377.

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