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5 Examples of Beautiful Edible Garden Containers

Edible Gardens are becoming increasing popular due to the economy and growing awareness of where our food comes from and the harmful effects of pesticides and other chemicals. Now that so many people interested in growing food for themselves, they are turning to the internet and garden centers to learn how to do it.

This is an opportunity for providers of garden supplies and accessories to teach a new generation of gardeners that they don’t have to have boring rows of high yielding crops. They don’t have to turn their front yards into mini farms, they can still have a beautiful landscape that is functional.

Edible garden containers can add so much beauty to an edible garden, with colorful and edible arrangements. Below are some edible containers we think are brilliant!

modern edible containers

These modern containers with varieties of lettuce and greens in modern containers are the epitome of simplistic functional beauty.

squash in containerThe award-winning landscape designer, Pamela Crawford has a knack for color and paired bright yellow squash with a luminous sapphire-colored urn.

edible garden in a pot

Red Sails Lettuce, Lemon Thyme, Hellebore, Jasmine and more!

Container designer Christina Salwitz reviews the book The Edible Front Yard by Ivette Soler on her blog The Personal Garden Coach. This beautiful, vibrant creation is fully edible, although it’s almost too pretty to eat! It contains Red sails lettuce, lemon thyme, hellebore, and jasmine.

swiss chard

In this cool-colored speckled stone planter, pops of color, red-stemmed Swiss chard, Lemon Gem marigolds, and a hot pepper make a fantastic statement.

edible containers

Don’t be afraid to let it all overflow to create a lush garden with a high yield. Use supports to grow vines high above the brightly colored containers. These planters contain nasturtiums, signet marigolds, peppers, tomatoes, basil, and pineapple sage.

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