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Top 2024 Garden Decor Trends to Consider When Purchasing Garden Planters

This year, the unveiling of Garden Media Group’s 2024 Trends coincided with the release of The Pottery Patch 2024 catalog. Let’s take a look at the upcoming 2024 garden decor trends and how they can guide you when purchasing planters and garden decor for your business next spring. 

1. Eco Solutions in Garden Decor: Amidst the growing concern for climate change and its impacts, eco-optimism is taking center stage. The garden industry is embracing sustainability and eco-friendly solutions more than ever. The need for positive climate impacts resonates with billions of people, encouraging a shift towards more environmentally conscious gardening practices. Keep this in mind when deciding on what material planters you purchase for next year. Quality durable fiber or resin planters are best for those looking to make conscious purchases that last. Ceramic planters are also forever eco-friendly since they are made from a natural material.2024

2. Gen Z and Unique Pieces: The younger generation, particularly Gen Z, is redefining the future of horticulture. With a passion for change and sustainability, they are seeking unique, quality pieces that tell a story. This 2024 garden decor trend is all about embracing eclectic aesthetics, incorporating unconventional silhouettes, colors, and patterns that reflect individuality and culture.

3. Dark and Black Aesthetics: Goth gardening is on the rise, with a surge in interest in dark-hued pottery, plants, and statuary. The use of black as a contrast color is prevalent, creating depth and adding a touch of sophistication. This trend also extends to embracing the occult, giving birth to stunning garden designs inspired by mysterious and Victorian influences.

4. Insects & Bugs: Insects are making their mark in garden decor, especially in conjunction with native plant gardening. The emphasis on supporting pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds is driving a surge in interest in insect-themed decor. From cushions to jewelry, insects are being incorporated into designs that celebrate their intricate anatomy and ecological importance. If your customers are looking to choose plants that attract pollinators for their balcony or terrace, suggest some pot-friendly pollinating plants.

5. Hanging Decor for Small Spaces: As urban living becomes more prevalent, small space and container gardening are flourishing. Hanging planters are gaining popularity as they maximize vertical space, bring beauty to confined areas, and even offer a practical solution for growing food. The cascading forms of hanging plants also create stunning visuals for social media platforms. You can read how to use planters in small spaces in this post.

6. Mixed Textures: The allure of mixed textures is sweeping through garden decor, allowing for dynamic and rich design elements. From wool and grass to clay and stone, blending various textures adds depth and interest to your indoor garden space. This 2024 garden trend emphasizes the harmony of natural materials, creating a visually pleasing and inviting environment.

7. Curves: Curved decor is making a strong statement, drawing inspiration from diverse global influences. Scandinavian circular-style accessories, like woven baskets, are gaining prominence. Natural colors and minimalist design are key features, with a focus on incorporating light cotton upholstery, wood, and distressed metal. And of course, there are plenty of round planters

8. Metallics: The trend of mixed metallics is gaining popularity. Mixing and matching different metallic tones in darker hues and matte finishes creates an eclectic and personalized aesthetic. From art frames to lamp bases, metallic accents are finding their way into homes, offering a touch of elegance and individuality. Metallic glazed pottery is not very common making it a surprisingly unique purchase for this new trend. 

9. Retro Colors: Retro colors, inspired by mid-century and 70s interior trends, are making a comeback. Mustard and avocado green, along with muted washes and patterns, are up and coming. These vintage hues, especially greens and indigos, are finding their way into textiles, furniture, and more.

10. Coastal Textures: The coastal style, characterized by natural wood, distressed surfaces, and neutral hues, continues to captivate decorators. Rattan, reclaimed wood tones, jute, terracotta, and linen contribute to this breezy and relaxed vibe. White-washed finishes and neutral tones are essential for creating a laid-back coastal atmosphere.

11. Geometrics: Geometric patterns remain a stable design aesthetic, appearing in wall art, table decor, and planters. These geometric decor items create a clean and futuristic look in modern homes and gardens. 

12. Gradients: Gradients are making a splash by adding subtle color movement to furniture and accent pieces. Blended colors are perfect for capturing the rejuvenating essence of spring. Colors like tropical ocean and running green are essentials for pulling off this look. 

Staying attuned to these new trends elevates your store’s garden decor products and aligns with the changing times. Whether you’re embracing eco-friendly solutions, incorporating unique Gen Z aesthetics, or experimenting with bold design elements like dark hues and gradients the 2024 garden decor trends offer endless opportunities to create in-style garden spaces. Keeping these trends in mind while making purchasing decisions will ensure next year’s sales.

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