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2023 Trend: Ancient Roman / Greek Garden Decor & Statues

The well-researched 2023 Garden Trend Alert by Garden Media Group was recently released and it came as no surprise to us that there is a growing popularity for Greek-style gardens. The report found that Greek-inspired decor is a favorite of the up-and-coming Gen-Z and beyond.

There are several reasons why now is the time to revive Greek decor and gardens. The plants and decor that make up a classic Greek garden are timeless, able to handle changing and drier climates, they’re low maintenance, and can work in various-sized spaces. Below we explain the different decor and plant elements that make a greek garden come to life. 

Greek Garden Plants

When we think of Mediterranean gardens, olive and cyprus trees come to mind first.  But there are endless other plants that work in this style of garden; hedges, grasses, shady trees, climbing plants, roses, succulents, and bulbs all contribute to the Mediterranean aesthetic. 

Greek Design

Design elements of greek gardens include stone walls, arches, marble columns, pergolas and other structures that provide shade. For color, visualize a muted palette with containers like terra cotta for pops of color. 

Stone Greek Statues

Ancient Greek statues were generally made of stone and marble. The good thing now is that with innovative new materials, you can get the stone look without the weight or fragility. Fiber Stone, Fiber Concrete, and Sandstone are all materials that add the stone look to a garden without the hassle. 

Greek Style Pottery Products

Here are some examples of Pottery and decor products that fit the greek style:

Garden Trends in 2023

Other trends include terra cotta, innovation and technology, Scandinavian minimalism, vertical planting, and natural materials. 

Trending Pottery Product Categories

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